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Custom Orders 

What you'll get with a custom order:


One - to - One 

Together we'll manifest your vision and design to bring your dream piece to life!


Crystal Medicine

How are you feeling? Could you use a boost in a particular aspect of life? I match crystals to your needs based on their unique traditional energetic and healing properties. 

Make it Uniquely Yours

Choose from many different high quality crystals, local Hawaiian seashells, and metal types. You can even send in your favorite shell or prized crystal to made into a ring or necklace. Start by choosing your style:

1. Electroformed rings will always have copper as the base and can be plated with 24k gold or sterling silver. This is the most versatile option that allows for more unique customization. 

2. Soldered rings can be in either 14k gold or sterling silver. These are typically more minimalist and elegant in design. Here is one example in gold, and another in silver.

3. Mixed methods ring like this ring utilizes both electroforming and soldering.

4. Wire wrapping of just about any crystal, stone, or shell can be done as either a ring or necklace pendant. Comes in either 14k gold or sterling silver.

4. Necklace chains can be 14k gold or sterling silver. Pendants are highly customizable and can employ all of the above listed methods.


Send in Your Favorite
Shell or Crystal 

I can turn your most prized treasures into one-of-a-kind wearable pieces!

Send me a beautiful crystal that you've always kept in your pocket, or a piece of sea glass or a seashell from a memorable trip, and I will make it into a ring, necklace, or earing using your choice of electroforming or wire wrap methods.

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