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Look at that wavey turquoise! A legend says that mermaids could crystalize their favorite waters into precious gems to give as gifts to their loved ones, and these really do look the part. Plucked straight out of a tropical blue lagoon these magical mermaid rings are quickly becoming one my favorite designs! 


Don't see your size? Message me directly and I'd love to make you this ring in your size!


Turqoiuse is perhaps one of the most ancient used crystals in human history. Lauded by royals for bringing power and noble regard, gifted to friends for protection and abundance and to lovers for fielty and fetility, placed upon books by intellectuals and upon alters by shamans and priests. Turqoiuse is known to help bring wisdom and discernment along with freedom of expression and a sense of inner peace and self-knowing. 


This ring was carefully crafted using the copper electroforming process. For more info on my process and workshop, visit the "What is Electroforming?" link on my website. Each electroformed piece is unique and one-of-a-kind due to the organic nature of electroforming and the central stone's / crystal's patterning!


Copper Benefits:


Traditionally used for well over 10,000 years, copper has been held in high regard by the Egyptians, Greeks, Aztecs, and many other cultures. Used to treat myriad ranges of maladies, it was seen as a bringer of health, wellbeing, and both physical and energetic cleansing. Touted for anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidizing benefits, it’s no doubt that copper will continue to be valued and treasured for its traditional properties. 

Turqoise Lagoon Ring

  • I'll have your piece shipped within 1 - 2 weeks of recieving the order, depending on how many orders I have waiting. Once shipped, you should have it within 3 - 5 buisness days. Tracking number given upon request.

  • If you're not completely happy with your piece I will happily replace it or make you a new one. For full refunds, customer must contact me directly, describe their issue, send back the piece, and cover shipping costs. 

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